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Making drillings in walls or ceilings with rather soft or porous surfaces often leads to a wandering of the drill. It is the same when making drillings in tough or smooth materials like tiles. Therefore it is difficult to make drillings at the correct positions and so the fastened parts are possibly hanging crooked or not in the desired location. Furthermore, fine dust arises, which is undesirable, especially in already furnished rooms.
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- The Solution -
The Drillbutler.
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fair Nuremberg | hall 12 | 27. till 30.10.2016

This was the iENA 2016:

In 2016 we again took part at the iENA.  

This time we did not only show prototypes made out of 3D-printouts, but we presented our drilling jig with integrated suction as the

Drillbutler - The new helper for drilling: clean, exact, simple

for the first time to the public as a buyable product. 

The market launch can be described as a complete success: We did not only get a lot of positive feedback, but also were 
rewarded with the gold medal for outstanding performances. 

By the way: The Drillbutler could only be invented and implemented due to our capabilities: 3D-construction with Solid Works, making of 3D-printouts and mechanical processing. If you too want to benefit from our abilities, then just click here for more information.
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